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Making proposals in English

Making proposals in English.

Meetings In English – making proposals in English.

Do you know how to make proposals in English in meetings? A lot of professionals get nervous in meetings in English and more so when they need to negotiate in English.

Making proposals in English is a key professional skill to have.

And in our Business English training we recommend using clear, simple and concise communication to really help your proposals in English.

(Oxford English dictionary explanation of what is a ‘proposal’)

?? Here are techniques and vocab (our training material above) from our training to help professionals and managers like you:

✅ Making proposals

  • make clear and concise proposals that focus only on one point. Don’t mix points and give the other person the opportunity to evaluate and react to that proposal.

✅ Clarifying in your own words

  • this is a useful technique and part of  ‘active listening’, which shows you understand, listen well and are able to put it into your own words the other person’s proposal or idea. This also helps build the relationship.

✅ Confirming or correcting

  • giving confirmation or affirmation of what the other person has said is important to maintain the dialogue and communication between both parties/both sides. Also you can correct information to keep the conversation going , improve or change the proposal.

✅ Reacting

  • this is part of ‘active listening’ and helps to maintain the dialogue and communication between both parties / both sides.

✅ Making counter proposals

  • a first proposal is usually not the final proposal. So if you need to improve or change the other person’s proposal making a counter proposal is the next step.


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This post was written by Christopher Wright and published on 15th May 2021 under the categories: Meeting In English Tips
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