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How Do You Manage English Stress?

How Do You Manage English Stress?

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Business English. Do you have English Stress?

Do you get blocked in English sometimes? Do you have English Stress?

(Lots of people feel stress at work)

This is very normal and lots of professionals can feel this.  The key is what do you do to manage it and what techniques can help you.

How Do You Manage English Stress?

?? Here are 4 tips from our training to help you and that have helped lots of professionals:

✅ Positive inner voice – most of us have a critical inner voice that focuses negatively on the things we do. Change this for a ‘positive inner voice’ and remember your success stories in English.

Remember and analyse your success stories in English (for example):

  • meetings in English where you felt comfortable and confident
  • situations where you received good feedback about your English communication from colleagues
  • informal conversations with colleagues in English where you felt relaxed and the conversation flowed without thinking
  • feedback you received about your emails in English
  • conference calls and phone calls where you felt comfortable and confident because you prepared your key ideas and what you wanted to say

✅ Warm-up your English – practice speaking English out loud for 3-5 minutes and do it 15 minutes before important meetings in English to warm up your English voice.

✅ Breathing – practice taking deeper breaths and slower breathing. I regularly practice Mindfulness and the breathing exercises are good at reducing stress levels.

✅ Lifestyle – do regular exercise, get enough sleep and drink less coffee. These simple things really help to reduce stress levels in the body.


I hope this helps with your professional English and career, Christopher!


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