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Closing Meetings In English

Closing meetings in English.

Meetings in English. Closing meetings in English.

How to summarise, clarify and close meetings in English.

Closing meetings in English

Meetings in English.

Meetings continue and shorter meetings work much better online.

The shorter they are the better they work. We’re big fans of ‘Agile Scrum’ meetings, which is a way of working that came from the software development sector.

What points are important for you when closing meetings in English?

?? Here are 6 techniques and vocabulary to close your meetings well in English from our training:


✅ Summarising

I’ll just go over the main points.

To summarise, we’ve discussed the pros and cons of the project. Now we need to make a decision.

To sum up, we’ve discussed the pros and cons of the project.

✅ Summarising with a question

What can we conclude from this discussion?

What do all these facts really mean?

What is the importance of all this?

What outcomes have we reached?

✅ Checking and clarifying

If I understand you correctly, you think we need more time, is that right?

Why do you say that?

Do you feel that the project changes are not viable?

✅ Ensuring everybody understands

Are we all on the same page?

Are we all moving in the same direction?

Do we all understand the situation? Any questions?

✅ Next steps

Tom, I’d like you to find out what went wrong in the relationship with the previous supplier.

Miu has agreed to do the competitor analysis.

Tzyy, you are our expert in Logistics Hubs. Can you look into it?


✅ Finishing

Let’s draw a line under that issue and finish here.

I’m afraid we’ll have to finish the meeting here.

 We’ve made good progress today, let’s finish here.


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This post was written by Christopher Wright and published on 9th February 2021 under the categories: Meeting In English Tips
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