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Presenting and explaining a technical idea in English

My Top Tips: Presenting and explaining a technical idea in English.

Presenting and explaining a technical idea in English is a really useful communication skill.​

​​There are three main options:

  1. knowing how to communicate between people with a technical profile and management, people with a management profile. (Go to the last option)   
  2. Or if you have a technical profile then you need to be able to communicate in English with other technical profiles by focusing on presenting and explaining key technical concepts for the audience to believe your authority and credibility in this technical area.
  3. And finally​ if you have a management profile speaking to other management. Then you need to know how to filter and focus on what essentials are needed to present and explain a technical idea in English.​ If you’re too technical you’ll lose your audience by not focusing on the essentials they (other management) need to make quick decisions. Avoid the expert’s curse, focusing on yout expertise instead of focusing on the audience’s needs.

?? Here are some techniques and a Business English phrase sheet (see image) from our training to help you:

Opening: Grab attention. Questions and rhetorical questions

 Opening: Grab attention. Summary and main benefit

Main Body: Chronological (past, present, future)

Main Body: Comparative & Contrast

Main Body: Topic & subtopics

Main Body: Problem & Solution

Main Body: Checking understanding

 Connecting words: Reasons

 Connecting words: Adding ideas

 Connecting words: Time

 Planning follow-up actions

Closing / End: Call to action (action & main benefit)

Closing / End: Checking understanding
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Hope this helps your professional English. Christopher


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