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How can I increase my speaking confidence in English part I?

How can I increase my speaking confidence in English part I?

— COP vs POC Mindset —

Speaking confidence in English in your job is an obsession for many professionals. You’re not alone.

The question above is a good question, which we get asked a lot in our training by professionals and managers. And there isn’t a secret pill or formula you can take that answers it exactly 🙁 But we’ve got plenty of experience and techniques to show you what can help you.

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So, what helps your speaking confidence in English?

?? Here are some of our training techniques to help you:

✅ Preparation – the more you prepare and practice your speaking interventions in English the better you will feel. (e.g. meetings)
✅ Mindfulness – there are a lot of Mindfulness apps to help you relax your mind, be in the moment and reduce anxieties. (e.g. I use Headspace).
✅ COP vs POC mindset – we suggest focusing on a COP positive mindset, ‘communication over perfection’, when speaking as a positive COP mindset reinforces progress and confidence. We’ve seen that constantly focusing on the opposite a POC negative mindset, ‘perfection over communication’, as we’ve been taught at school that making mistakes is bad, stops your speaking confidence, stops your flow and your ability to feel comfortable and sound more natural when speaking and communicating in English.                                                                            ✅Reflecting on your learning journey – reflect on your ‘English learning journey’ and be proud of how far you’ve come and how much you’ve achieved already in English.


‘Business Speaking Practice’ programs – increase your speaking confidence in English for your job with our speaking programs.

Speaking programs that combine 3 aspects:

  • motivation
  • deeper practice (intense and challenging)
  • coaching feedback


  • Meeting Video Challenges (online campus)
  • Presentation Video Challenges (online campus)
  • Business English Speaking Bootcamp
  • VR training (virtual reality).


Also see our online campus for more information.

The English Training Company, we help companies and professionals to become Advanced Business English Speakers.

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