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Use signposting when you speak in English

Use signposting when you speak in English. 

Meetings in English. Use signposting when you speak in English. 

Signposting to maintain people’s interest when you speak in meetings in English. 

Problem: People disconnect and get distracted in meetings in English.  It’s normal and lots of professionals and managers we help with our training mention this problem. So what can we do?

Solution: An easy communication technique is to use signposting language (in image and short video) to help people follow and reconnect to your key points. That way they can more easily follow you and reconnect to different parts of your conversation.  It’s simple and very easy to do when you think about the other person and your audience first.

(‘Signposting language’ see Cambridge University’s dictionary explanation). These are words we use to let the listeners, people and the audience we have listening to us know where we are in our speech or what we are saying. Think of it as giving directions and repeating these directions during the roadmap of your speaking or speech in English. It’s used a lot for meetings and presentations in English and is also used in written communication in English like emails and short reports).

Use signposting when you speak in English.  

?? In the short 3-4 minute video lesson I explain a key list of ‘signposting vocabulary’ from our training to help you (watch –

✅ Introducing your structure
✅ Starting a point
✅ Finishing a point
✅ Highlighting a point
 Giving examples
 Simplifying a point

*** And you can email me/us to get a copy of our vocabulary PDF ‘Signposting for meetings in English’ that accompanies this.

I hope this helps you with your professional English and in your professional career, Christopher!


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