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How to manage mistakes in your English Presentations

How to manage mistakes in your English Presentations

How to manage mistakes in your English presentations.

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 “My English is not good” and “I worry about making mistakes in my English Presentations”.

What can I do in my English Presentations?”

We speak to a lot of professionals in our training and this is totally normal. And we all make mistakes when speaking a foreign language. But, what do you really want to focus your energies on?

We want you to focus your energies where they will have the greatest impact to help you in your English Presentations…

“Focus on good communication over perfection” AND “Make sure your mistakes are not important”.

How to manage mistakes in your English Presentations

And here is how with techniques from our training to help you:

  • Accept your mistakes. Accept your mistakes, it’s human and when presenting make sure your mistakes are not important.
  • Prepare, practice and practice. If you don’t have time, then practice speaking out loud your opening and ending to BOTH start well and finish strongly for your audience.
  • Know your presentation content well, but don’t memorise it word for word. You need to know your content well, use short notes to help, BUT don’t memorise ‘word for word’, it just increases your stress levels unnecessarily.
  • Practice and record yourself speaking out loud. Practice your presentation by speaking out loud and recording yourself (audio or video) using both your content and notes to help you. Then listen to it, decide what to improve and record it again.
  • Breathing when speaking out loud in your 1st Practice and 2nd Practice. Take deep breathes deeply and speak slowly in your 1st practice. Then take deep breathes and speak slightly quicker in your 2nd practice.
  • Practicing sentence stress and intonation when speaking out loud in your 1st Practice and 2nd Practice. Underline key words and key parts of your presentation for stress and intonation. Here is a quick video we use in our Presentations training to help.
  • Body language. Power positions for speaking. Before you start speaking, move around, take some really deep breaths, relax your jaw, open up your body posture, do some power positions for speaking (see Amy Cuddy’s excellent TED Talk) and relax your jaw. Ideally stand up straight when presenting and if you’re presenting online then put your screen up at your eye level or your brow level and open up your upper body position.
  • Use Presentation English phrases – here’s an example (150 phrases for presentations in English) of our top resources for Presentations in English to help you.



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