Improve your virtual presentations in english

How To Use Facial Expressions To Improve Your Virtual Presentations In English

Improve your virtual presentations in English. How to use facial expressions to improve your virtual presentations in English (Watch our 3 minute video explanation to help you).

It’s no surprise that a lot of our clients are doing more virtual meetings and virtual presentations in English than ever before, we all are 🙂 !!

However the quality of virtual presentations in English can really vary a lot. And we’ve seen that some professionals feel more comfortable with presenting on virtual platforms like Zoom and MS Teams. and others just don’t feel comfortable at all.


Our Training Tips

For us trainers at The English Training Company, the three pillars are:

  1. Training
  2. Practice, practice and practice
  3. Good feedback


‘Albert Mehrabian’s 7-38-55 Rule’ is commonly used and explains that effective communication is a mix:

  • words account for 7% of communication
  • voice and tone account for 38% of communication
  • body language (facial gestures and hand gestures) accounts for 55% of communication


Our Training Tips

Improve your virtual presentations in English following our training.

?? We give you 5 tips from our training that have helped lots of professionals.

5 Tips: Facial expressions

✅ Use facial expressions and hand gestures to transmit dynamism and energy to your audience

✅ Facial expressions help you show you believe in your ideas

✅ Facial expressions must match the content (serious content means using more serious facial expressions at key moments)

✅ Smiling at work is ok and helps you connect on a human level to your audience

✅ Make good eye contact with the camera when making key points in your presentation


I hope this helps you with your professional English and career, Christopher!



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This post was written by Christopher Wright and published on 22nd October 2020 under the categories: Presenting In English Tips
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