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Feel Comfortable Making Virtual Presentations In English Part II

Do you find virtual presentations in English and virtual meetings in English difficult?

And what’s your tip to feel comfortable in virtual meetings and presentations in English?

Virtual presentations are difficult and more so in a second language like English.

Here are some typical problems professionals face from our training:

  • feel uncomfortable when giving virtual presentations in English
  • have a lack of confidence when speaking and communicating key messages in English
  • have a clear and easy to follow structure
  • how to use their voice and body language to help their communication in English
  • have technology issues
  • understand the questions in the Q&A

Typically our clients (companies and professionals) use one of Webex, Microsoft TeamsZoom and GoToMeeting.

What video conference platform do you prefer and why?


Quick Tips To Feel Comfortable Making Virtual Presentations In English – Part II

?? In the video we explain 7 tips that have helped many professionals in our training:

✅ Audience – reflect and think about what are your audience’s main problems. What do they need from your presentation?

✅ ‘Best thinking’ – do your ‘best thinking’ for ideas in your own language then write key ideas into English.

✅ Know your content – read out loud your content a few times until you own it and it feels natural to you.

✅ Practice, practice and practice – confidence comes from practising and getting feedback. Video record yourself several times to see yourself presenting in English.

✅ Anticipate – anticipate your audience’s main questions and objections. Write answers to these and practice saying them.

✅ Mind mapping – use visual mind maps to organise and structure your presentation ideas, content and also the Q&A.

✅ Pauses – use pauses after key points to emphasise and focus your audience’s attention on these key points.





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