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Facilitating good online meetings in English

Facilitating good online meetings in English.

Facilitating good online meetings in English.

Online meetings can be good, average or just bad.

Webex, Zoom and Teams are the most popular videoconferencing platforms with our clients (companies and professionals).

What makes a good meeting in English? And what makes a good meeting for participants in English?

Facilitating good online meetings in English

?? Here are 8 techniques and useful vocabulary from our training:

✅ Introduction

I’d like to start by welcoming Ms. Ogoya.

Thank you for taking the time to attend this meeting.

I’d like to introduce the European VP of Sales, Chiara Baresi.
✅ Start the meeting

Ok shall we make a start?

Let’s start with the first point on the agenda.

Right, let’s begin. The first item on the agenda is the sales and marketing budget.
✅ Say the meeting goal

We’re here today to solve the problem of how we can identify new customer trends.  

The purpose of this meeting is to brainstorm ideas for identifying new customer trends.

I’ve organised this meeting to discuss how to identify new customer trends.
✅ Establish meeting guidelines (rules)

How can we have more effective meetings?

What can we do to overcome typical meeting problems?

Does anybody have any suggestions for a meeting rule or meeting rules?
✅ Dealing with people (e.g., dominant vs limited participation)

— Dominant:

Thanks for your contribution Paz, but we need consensus on this.

(John), I’d like to hear what other people think.

Jose, what were you saying?

— Limited Participation:

Sarah, how do you think we should approach this?

Great idea Sarah, go on.

If nobody has any better ideas, how about we move on to the next item on the agenda?
✅ Facilitation techniques (e.g., mixing ideas)

That’s a good starting point. Let’s have some more ideas.

That’s a good idea. Let’s expand on that, any suggestions?

Interesting idea. Everybody, more ideas please.
✅ Moving from point to point

Right, I think we’ve covered this item on the agenda.

Have we finished this item? Any other ideas or comments?

Let’s move onto the next point on the agenda, Sales Forecasts.
✅ Summarising key points

Before we close, let me summarise the main points.

So to sum up, we discussed 3 main points.

Shall I go over the main points of the meeting?


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