4 Week Speaking Challenge - Example Coaching Feedback - Speech 1 - Rosa Siles - The English Training Company

4 Week Speaking Challenge – Example Coaching Feedback – Speech 1 – Rosa Siles

Example Coaching Feedback – Speech 1 – Rosa Siles

4 Week Speaking Challenge – Speech 1 – Rosa Siles

Speech #1: How To Introduce Yourself In One Minute In English At Events


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Speaking Evaluation Criteria: Speech 1

(Marks: 9-10 excellent: 7-8 good: 5-6 pass: 4-1 fail)



Hi Rosa,


Good job! Your overall mark is 8.5 which is “good/excellent”. Here is my feedback on the 5 speech criteria for speech 1.


Practice 1
Communication Skill:


Mark Notes
Overall Mark 8.5 good/excellent


Use of English (vocabulary & grammar) (out of 10) You used good, appropriate and professional vocabulary for your sector. And you had no major grammar mistakes. My suggestions:

·         “disruptive digital health company” – too many adjectives, use less e.g. ‘digital health company’.

·         clinical experts – e.g. doctors

·         “What we do is…” – there are 26 words in this sentence, it´s too long and loses impact.

·         “So that they…” has 14 words and is concise and clear.

·         “digital mantra” is unclear, use “company motto”.

·         The digital mantra, “data really improves lives” is really helpful for the listener to summarise what you do.


Clear, simple and concise ideas (out of 10) Rosa your key messages are simple and concise. And you´ve changed the chip from Spanish into English well. For a non technical audience I think you could simplify some terms you use as explained in ‘Use of English’.


Confident delivery when speaking (out of 10) I think you´re a confident person and overall you transmit that confidence when speaking.


Body language – be relaxed and professional (out of 10)  

I think you need to relax a little bit more when speaking to sound more natural and sound less like you´re reading. Try breathing deeply and slowing your breathing before speaking.


Project your voice (out of 10)



You project your voice well. You need to work more on “flow” so you sound more natural when speaking.

I would also add more vocal variety – use pauses, emphasise key words, speak loudly and softly, speak really fast or slow. Using vocal variety makes it sound more interesting for the other person to listen to.




4 Week Speaking Challenge – read here for more information 


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