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Student Dilemma – Meetings In English – What’s Your Personality In English And Why It Matters


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Business English Student Dilemmas

— Problem: Meetings In English – What’s Your Personality In English And Why It Matters — 

What’s your personality in English? 

This is a question we ask professionals. And how you see yourself in English matters because it really impacts your communication with other people in English.


We have a student who is a key account manager (sales) and has many 1 to 1 meetings in English with international clients and potential clients.

For the student their main challenge in English was not making mistakes in English in 1 to 1 meetings.

However by FOCUSING ONLY on not making mistakes in English the student forgot about all the other important parts of communication that really impact how other people see us and communicate with us.

They forgot about:

  • getting their key messages across to the other person
  • structuring their ideas to be easy to follow
  • checking understanding to see if the other person can follow them
  • clarifying key ideas
  • building the relationship
  • having a relaxed, open and positive body language

Making mistakes in another language is normal, 85-87% of English speakers are non native English speakers so making mistakes is normal, the key is to reduce big mistakes so that it doesn’t impact communication.


This was our solution to help the key account manager (sales). We asked the student to do the following three steps:

1) Identity your top five communication skills related to your personality in Spanish (their top 5 = detailed, calm, professional, speak clearly, structured etc.)
2) Identify three you think you are able to transfer and want to transfer to your personality in English (their top 3 = calm, speak clearly, structured)
3) Practice these three in English for a month and regularly ask team mates for feedback on these three.
(their feedback = easy to follow, easy to understand, clear, professional)


  • The student started to immediate concentrate on communicating in English and not worry about making (minor) mistakes in English.
  • They noted improvements in their fluency and confidence in English.
  • They realised that showing their personality in English while communicating in English was important to connect to the other person.
  • The student has received good feedback from team mates in terms of their confidence, clarity of their ideas and how they structure their ideas to make it easy to follow.


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I hope this helps you in your professional career! Christopher Wright


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