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What are your fluency goals in Business English?

Fluency goals in business English. What are your fluency goals in business English?

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My Top Tips: What are your fluency goals in business English?

​​As a professional do you ever think about your fluency goals in business English?

Are you a goal-getter (meaning – you like to achieve goals)? Fluency and fluency goals in English is a bit generic and can mean different things to different people.

For our training, we see fluency goals in Business English as measuring how comfortable and confident you feel when speaking in English in professional situations (e.g. meetings, networking, phone calls, remote working in teams, etc).

And by evaluating yourself and using your Business English Trainer’s marks (0-10: 10 being excellent) after practising as well as keeping a record, you can see over time if you have improved your fluency in Business English.

My Top Tips: What are your fluency goals in business English?

To achieve a goal there are 4 simple steps that can help you:
– ​clearly define your goal
– ​identify a motivation to achieve your goal
– ​measure the goal
– ​have a plan and road map to achieve your goal

And to achieve your Business English fluency goals it’s no different.

?? In the video we explain 4 tips & techniques that have helped lots of professional in our training:

✅ What are your specific fluency goals? (e.g. I want to be more fluent and feel more confident in meetings in English).

✅ Are your fluency goals realistic and motivating? (e.g. Yes, this is a key goal to progress in my career)

✅ How are you going to measure your fluency? (e.g. less pauses, feel more comfortable in meetings, get good feedback from colleagues)

✅ What’s your plan and road map to achieve your fluency goals? (e.g. meeting preparation, anticipating questions and answers, practising meetings, English training)

I hope this helps with your Business English and professional career, Christopher!

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This post was written by Christopher Wright and published on 20th November 2020 under the categories: Fluency, Confidence and Motivation
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