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Weekly Class – Why Are Microflats So Popular?

Source: CGTN America

Hi everyone! Here is our weekly class (30/10 – 03/11) (video, questions and opinion).

“Weekly Class – Why Are Microflats So Popular? ”. English Level = B1 & B2.

Video – Questions (watch the video from 0:00 to 2:00 mins)

  1. How many prospective buyers were there?
  2. How many flats were sold in the first day?
  3. How much is the microflat of 180 square feet / 16.7m2 flat on sale for?
  4. Hong Kong is the world´s what?
  5. What need do Microflats reflect in Hong Kong?


What’s your opinion about the video? 

Audio record your opinion (1-2 min) and get feedback from me, Christopher Wright, your Business English Trainer.

Email it to me at “chris@englishtco.com” with the subject “Weekly Class – Why Are Microflats So Popular?”.

Have a good week!

¡Espero que la clase semanal sea útil para tu inglés de negocios, Christopher!


¡Para clases de inglés de negocios in-company contáctanos ahora!


Answers:  1) 10,000 prospective buyers    2) 430 flats    3)  $260,000   4) World´s third most expensive city   5) adequate and affordable housing in a city that is running out of space


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