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Weekly Class – What Is Virtual Reality?

Hi everyone! Here is our weekly class (28/08 – 01/09) (video, questions and opinion).

“Weekly Class – What Is Virtual Reality?”. English Level = B1 & B2.

Facebook bought Oculus Rim, a virtual reality company, for $2 billion dollars in March 2014.

Video – Questions (watch the video from 0:00m to 1:48m)

  1. Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey says that virtual reality is like what?
  2. What is the magic of virtual reality?
  3. What sport’s example for virtual reality does the interviewer use?
  4. What is the obvious next step for the games industry?
  5. What was Palmer Luckey studying at university before founding Oculus?
  6. What does Palmer Luckey think is one of the biggest issues with news right now?


What’s your opinion about the video? 

Audio record your opinion (1-2 min) and get feedback from me, Christopher Wright, your Business English Trainer.

Email it to me at “chris@englishtco.com” with the subject “Weekly Class – What Is Virtual Reality?”.

Have a good week!

¡Espero que la clase semanal sea útil para tu inglés de negocios, Christopher!


¡Para clases de inglés in-company contáctanos ahora!


Answers:  1) virtual ski glasses   2) you can be anywhere, and do anything right from inside your own home   3) baseball   4) virtual reality games / virtual world   5)  journalism   6) it is hard to draw your own conclusions and have all the relevant information


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