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Weekly Class – What Are Biodegradable Shoes?

Hi everyone! Here is our weekly class (video, questions/answers and opinion). “Weekly Class – What Are Biodegradable Shoes?”. English Level = B1 & B2.

Video Listening – 5 Questions (watch 0:00 to 2:25)

  1. Adidas´s shoes decompose like what?
  2. The shoe is made of a biodegradable fibre designed to replicate what?
  3. They use a bacterial fermentation process which is similar to making what?
  4. How many vials of the powder do you need to make one shoe?
  5. The shoes won’t fall apart, but they will do what over time?



What’s your opinion about the video? 

Audio record your opinion (1-2 min) and get feedback from me, Christopher Wright, your Business English Trainer.

Email it to me at “chris@englishtco.com” with the subject “Weekly Class – What Is A Smart City?”.

Have a good week!

¡Espero que la clase semanal sea útil para tu trabajo y carrera profesional, Christopher!


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Answers: 1) like the food waste in your trash/rubbish   2) a spider’s web  3) making beer or insulin   4) 20-25 vials  5) the shoes will decompose over time



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