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How to prepare a TED Talk in English

How to prepare a TED Talk in English.

Learning how to prepare a TED Talk in English is a useful skill. One of the things I love about TED Talks is that the speakers concentrate equally on what they say and how they say it.

We can learn a lot by watching TED Talks and copying the style of TED presenters/speakers of “how they say it”. And we can also learn about “what they say” by reading and using the great expressions used by TED speakers in each talk by accessing each talk´s transcript as we watch the TED Talk video.

How to prepare a TED Talk in English.

Here are five quick steps to help you with how to prepare a TED Talk in English.

  1. Observe a TED Speaker (see video below) to see what they do well and need to improve (see criteria below).
  2. Give them feedback (see criteria below).
  3. Then practice your own short TED Talk by recording yourself speaking on a webcam / Smartpone camera.
  4. Watch it and give yourself feedback (see criteria below). Then ask a friend to give you feedback on the same criteria.
  5. Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 focusing on improving your short TED Talk.

Watch the video (6 minutes) and give the TED speaker feedback based on the criteria below. (Feedback – things the speaker does well & things they need to improve).


The English Training Company’s ‘Presentation feedback criteria’Presentation feedback criteria_TETC (pdf)

  1. Delivery of key messages (e.g. confidence)
  2. Good opening and closing (e.g cause a good impression, leave a good impression)
  3. Structure (e.g. easy to follow for the audience)
  4. Non verbal communication (e.g. hand gestures, eye contact, move around)
  5. Use of English (e.g. good use of grammar and vocabulary)


Speaking practice – Do you own TED Talk in English.

Now record your own TED Talk (4-5 min) about an idea/concept/process/service/product. Record using your webcam or smartphone camera.

Then get feedback from me. Email it to me at or with the subject “Weekly Class –  How to prepare a TED Talk in English TED Talk”.


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