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Weekly Class – America´s Oldest Brewery

Hi everyone! Here is our weekly class (19/06 – 23/06) (video, questions and opinion).

“Weekly Class – America´s Oldest Brewery”. English Level = B1 & B2

Video – Questions (watch the video)

  1. What year did Yuengling brewery start?
  2. What generation is the current owner Dick Yuengling? And when did he buy it?
  3. What was the current owner´s vision of the company when he started?
  4. Dick Yuengling (current owner) was a beer distributor for how many years?
  5. How many barrels of beer did the company produce last year?
  6. Yuengling is family owned and operated, do they intend to sell it or keep it family owned?


What’s your opinion? 

Audio record your opinion (1-2 min) and get feedback from me, Christopher Wright, your Business English Trainer.

Email it to me at “chris@englishtco.com” with the subject ““Weekly Class – America´s Oldest Brewery”.

Have a good week!

Thanks everyone, Christopher.



(answers: 1) 1829     2)  Dick Yuengling is the 5th generation and bought it in 1985    3) his vision was to modernise, make it more efficient and use machinery due to it being a quality product   4) 11 years     5) 2.8 million barrels  6) to keep the company family owned

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