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Weekly Class – Amazon Go, Is This The Future Of Shopping?

Hi everyone! Here is our weekly class (27/02 – 03/03) (video, questions and opinion).

“Amazon Go, Is this the future of shopping?”. English Level = B1 & B2. Watch the video.

Listening – 5 Questions

  1. How long ago did Amazon start thinking about the concept of Amazon Go?
  2. So the technology works with (3 aspects), computer learning and what else?
  3. The unique selling points are “no lines, no _______ and no registers.”
  4. What happens to your ‘virtual cart’ if you change your mind and put a product back?
  5. In what other product and sector do they use ‘just walk out technology’?

What´s your opinion? 

Audio record your opinion (1-2 min) and get feedback from me a Business English Trainer. Email it to us at chris@englishtco.com or info@englishtco.com with the subject “Weekly Class – Amazon Go, Is this the future of shopping?”

Thanks everyone, Chris.

Have a good week!


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(answers: 1) 4 years ago   2) Computer learning, deep learning algorithms and sensor fusion  3) checkouts   4) your virtual cart updates automatically   5) self-driving cars

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