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Reduce Your English Stress And Use Minimalist Business English

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Reduce Your English Stress And Use Minimalist Business English

Yes, life can be easier when we simplify and don’t over complicate things. This is the concept of Minimalism.

And guess what, this is the idea behind ‘Minimalist Business English’.

Reduce your English Stress and use Minimalist Business English.

Apply simplicity to your Business English and make your communication clear.

Here are some techniques from our training to help you:

1) Respect The Audience Which Receives Your Messages

– Understand their needs, respect their time and use concise messages.

2) 3 x 6 x 20 Email Rule

– 3 paragraphs max., 6 lines max., 20 words per sentence max.

3) Build Your Vocabulary For Precision And Not For Impressing

– Build your business and English vocabulary to be precise not to impress.

4) Choose When To Be Brief And When To Engage

– For communicating facts, you can be concise, but if you need to build and maintain relationships you need to engage with people.

5) Be Clear First, Concise Second

– A clear message beats a concise message, if you need to add more content to your arguments.

6) Presentations – Set A 10 Slide Limit

– Guy Kawasaki, “remember all presentations can be explained well and simply in 10 slides or less”.


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