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Project Kick Off Meetings In English


Project Kick-off Meetings in English.

Imagine as a manager you have to lead a new team or project.

? How do you do a kick-off meeting in English?


?? Here are some techniques and a Business English phrase sheet from our training to help you:

✅ Welcoming
✅ Introductions
✅ Asking for first impressions and opinions
✅ Exchange opinions
✅ Align meeting expectations (team member interests and expectations)
✅ Flexible thinking
✅ Establish your authority (self-presentation)



? Unblock speaking confidence in English in your company faster, practice in online simulations.

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? Desbloquea la confianza en inglés dentro de tu empresa más rápido con la práctica en simulaciones online.

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This post was written by Christopher Wright and published on 19th January 2023 under the categories: Meeting In English Tips
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