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Presenting data in English

Presenting data in English.

Business English. Presenting data in English.

We give you some useful techniques and business vocabulary from our training to help you.

We like what Harvard Business Review says about ‘Presenting data like a Pro’.  Here are some key ideas.

“Knowing how to develop and deliver a data-driven presentation is now a crucial skill for many professionals, since we often have to tell our colleagues stories that are much more compelling when they’re backed by numbers”

“A presentation needs to do more than simply share great ideas — it needs to support those ideas with credible data”

“Data alone doesn’t guarantee a good presentation. It’s not only data that gives the presenter power. It’s how that data is presented”

“How you present data can double its impact, so ensure that your data is doing its job”

(Harvard Business Review).

Presenting data in English

?? Here are some techniques from our training to help you:

✅ Keep it visual.

✅ Focus only on the essential (must have points).

✅ Keep it interesting.

✅ Vary your vocabulary.

Remember if you like to use a lot of the following words, “increase”, “decrease”, “go up” and “go down” then you’re repeating vocabulary. And it’s one of the quickest ways for your audience to disconnect.

Presenting data in English

?? In the image we give you some useful business vocabulary from our training to help you (and you can also download it here):

✅ Introduce and give context
✅ Referring to a point
✅ Move from point to point
✅ Describing: Go up quickly/slowly
✅ Describing: Go down slowly/quickly
✅ Describing: Maintain the same level
✅ Describing: Recovery
✅ Describing: Reach a high/low point
✅ Describing: current and future trends
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