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Power Words For Emails In English

Power Words For Emails In English – Make An Impact! 

12,000 professionals across the world were interviewed by Hays Group (International Recruitment Agency) and asked to identify ‘power words’ (see table below), words they find have a particularly strong impact and are effective for emails in English.


Power Words

you, we

free, advice without cost, value for money, cost effective, low cost

success, successful

now, immediate, fast, today

easy, efficient, effective

benefits, advantages, results

help, support, integrity

expert, expertise, professional, professionalism, know-how

latest, breakthrough, world first

best, excellence, first class, totally professional

quality, authenticity

safe, green, eco-friendly, energy efficient, welfare, security

valued, valuable

please, thank you

premier, outstanding, unrivalled, unsurpassed, inspirational

remarkable, passionate, talented, amazing, exciting, awesome

total, complete, integrated solution, assurance

trustworthy, reliable, reassuring, responsible

well informed, up to date, ahead of time





Note:- try using two/three ‘power words’ in your next email.

Hope this helps, Christopher!


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This post was written by Christopher Wright and published on 12th September 2017 under the categories: Meeting In English Tips
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