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Online meetings in English. How To Use Your Voice.

Using voice techniques can make online meetings in English so much better.

?? Here are 4 simple techniques from our training to help you (plus one of our meetings in English phrase sheets):

✅ project your voice (project and articulate your voice to help your audience understand)
✅ use filler words to show active listening (um, ahh, ok, I see what you mean)
✅ use moments of silence (use pauses of 1- 2 seconds after you make key points so your audience knows those ideas are the important ones)
✅ slow down or pause after main ideas (not everyone has the same level of English and by slowing down you give your audience time to catch up and digest key ideas)

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This post was written by Christopher Wright and published on 24th March 2022 under the categories: Meeting In English Tips
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