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One minute presentation in English

One minute presentation in English

One minute presentation in English.

Do you have problems presenting yourself in English? Do you have problems explaining simply in English what you do? And also explaining what your company does?

?? SOLUTION: Here is a quick and easy technique to use from our Business English training that’s helped lots of professionals and managers.

?? The one minute presentation in English is a simple and quick way to do this. From our business english training watch my one minute  example in the video above:

1. “We work with….” (be specific about who your company’s clients are – target market)

2. “Who have a problem with…” (focus on your customers’ main problems)

3. “What we do is…” (explain how your product/service solves the problem in 20 words or less)

4. “So that…” (explain the main function of your product/service)

5. “Which means…” (list the top two benefits of your product/service)


Here is my example (from the video):

WE WORK WITH busy managers and professionals that need to work more and more in English. 

WHO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH speaking, meeting and presenting in English with confidence and effectiveness with international customers and suppliers. 

WHAT WE DO IS we use our 15-20 years’ experience as managers and professionals to design Business English classes and skills intensives that offer real business practice and instant 360 feedback with experts.  

 your professionals get a lot of real business practice without making expensive mistakes. 

Which means that your company can feel confident of achieving both its international and domestic sales targets by having the confidence to work with any international clients and suppliers”.


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Hope it helps your business English English and professional career, Christopher!

This post was written by Christopher Wright and published on 19th May 2021 under the categories: Miscellaneous
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