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One minute presentation in English (phrases)

One minute presentation in English (phrases).

From our popular Business English phrase sheets – ‘How to present yourself in English in one minute’ (my example in the visual).


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‘One minute presentation in English’ technique:

  1. “We work with….” (be specific about who your company’s clients are – target market)
  2. “Who have a problem with…” (focus on your customers’ main problems)
  3. “What we do is…” (explain how your product/service solves the problem in 20 words or less)
  4. “So that…” (explain the main function of your product/service)
  5. “Which means…” (list the top two benefits of your product/service)




This post was written by Christopher Wright and published on 23rd May 2021 under the categories: Miscellaneous
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