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Conference Calls In English – How To Feel Comfortable – 6 Simple Techniques

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As a professional and/or manager in conference calls in English, “do you communicate in English vs. do you speak English?


Problem :

We have helped many professionals and managers work to become Advanced Business English Speakers.

When we start helping people most professionals and managers believe one of the following…

“I need to be fluent and have perfect grammar in English to be taken seriously in my job in English”.

“I want to be credible in my job in English, I don’t want to make any mistakes in English”.

“I want to speak English like I speak my own language”.

This is normal, but this creates stress and puts a lot of pressure on people to be grammar prefect and make no mistakes in English. It’s not fair…

— and these statements (beliefs) destroy our self confidence in English.

— and these statements (beliefs) mean we focus ONLY on speaking English BUT NOT on communicating in English (what our audience really wants).


Solution: 6 Simple Techniques

  1. CSC messages – Create clear, simple and concise messages in English. Your audience will understand easier and quicker.


  1. Simple and structured – If you work with complex concepts and ideas, keep it simple and structured. It’s hard to do, but make the effort as your audience will appreciate it and thank you for your effort.


  1. Filtering – many experts suffer from the ‘expert´s curse’ and like to show their audience they are an expert in their field by giving lots of technical information but not filtering. And if you don´t filter your audience will not know what information is key.


  1. Clear structure – think about what are the key points for your audience and then build a simple structure around these points. Save time, keep templates and then make small changes as you need them.


  1. Use the English you have – keep it simple. Remove all buzzwords, jargon and complex grammar structures. Use the English you have.


  1. Practice: More x 3 – I like what Gary Player, a famous golfer said, “The more I practice, the luckier I get”. The more you practice the more your confidence grows, the more relaxed you feel the more your confidence grows – it’s a virtuous circle. And your audience will feel it too and engage with you .


I hope this helps you with your professional English and in your professional career!


The English Training Company – we help companies and professionals to become Advanced Business English Speakers and make their mark!




This post was written by Christopher Wright and published on 18th November 2019 under the categories: Fluency, Confidence and Motivation, Meeting In English Tips, Speaking In English Tips
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