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How to write a professional apology email in English

Do you know how to write a professional apology email in English? Do you find it hard to write good emails in English?

Whether you use gmail or MS outlook, we all use professional emails for part of our communication at work. And you will need to write a professional apology email in English.

Sometimes mistakes are made.

If you acknowledge your error with an apology email, you are effectively showing the other person (the reader) that you are aware of it. Moreover, you are engaging in a communication that shows them your commitment to not repeat the same mistake and reassures them of the quality of your work and company.

So knowing how to write an effective and professional apology email in English is a useful communication skill for professionals.

How to write a professional apology email in English? 5 techniques and useful vocabulary.

write a professional apology email in English

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?? In the video we explain 5 techniques and give useful vocabulary (below as well) that have helped many professionals in our Business English training:

✅ Don’t apologise for your “bad English” as this distracts from your actual apology.  And it does not help the goal of your email (e.g. to offer a professional apology).

✅ Apologise simply and directly

  • I’m sorry for the mistake.
  • We apologise for the mistake.
  • We want to apologise for any inconvenience caused by the mistake.

✅ Take full responsibility

  • I take full responsibility for the mistake.
  • It was our mistake.
  • This is our responsibility.

✅ Summarise what happened to show understanding

  • To sum up, the main parts were, is that right?
  • To highlight, the key parts were…, is that correct?
  • If I understand correctly, the key parts were….is that right?

✅ Solution and timeframe

  • We hope to have this fixed by the end of the month. We’ll provide a solution within 14 days. This will be solved by the end of November.)

I hope this helps with your Business English and professional career, Christopher!


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