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How to rebuild your confidence in English

How to rebuild your confidence in English.

Effective communication, confidence and fluency are key factors in our Business English Training to help professionals and companies become Advanced Business English Speakers.

A common question we get asked in our training is, how do I rebuild my confidence in English?

In the Collins dictionary, “confidence is belief in one’s abilities”.

Have you ever lost your confidence in English? We’ve all had moments when we feel we have lost our confidence. I know I have while improving my communication skills in Spanish.

So what do you do to recover your confidence for other skills and situations? What can you use and apply to recover your confidence in English?


How to rebuild your confidence in English

?? In the video we explain 5 techniques to help you from our training:

(**use this activity – redo and practice the speaking parts of one of your old meetings in English using these 5 techniques to help you improve it)

5 Communication Techniques:

✅ Focus on good communication first, and your English second (e.g. you will relax, you will be less critical of yourself and really focus on what you need to communicate well in English)

✅ Key message (e.g. what’s your key message? What do you want the audience to do with your key message?)

✅ Simple structure (e.g. use a simple and easy to follow structure for your audience. E.g. opening – main body – ending)

✅ Edit to be concise (e.g. edit and remove text so your communication is concise)

✅ Practice and video record yourself (e.g. 1) practice and video record yourself 2) watch and evaluate yourself, repeat steps 1) and 2))



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