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How to pitch your business in a natural and casual way in English

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How to pitch your business in a natural and casual way in English. Here is an easy way to start a business conversation and pitch your business in a natural and casual way.


Problem: A client company (MUROEXE – shoe Company in Madrid) needed help with making Small Talk in English and pitching in English in a natural and casual way at trades fairs and events.

Solution: Here is a script we worked on when training a client company (MUROEXE – shoe Company in Madrid). Use the conversation and technique summary to help you.



Christopher: Hi I’m Christopher Weber nice to meet you.


Juan: Hi Christopher, Juan Vasquez, nice to meet you too. 


Christopher: I like your shoes, they look really comfortable and stylish.


Juan: Thanks, they’re Spanish but not Camper. Have you been to Spain?


Christopher: Yes I’ve been to Barcelona and Malaga a few times. I really like the food and the climate.


Juan: Are you from Berlin (trade fair location)?


Christopher: No, actually I’m from Hamburg but we’re here for business at the Berlin Fashion Fair.


Juan: Berlin is a cool city, but I know from talking to friends that there is a lot more to Germany than Berlin. How is Hamburg to visit?


Christopher: It’s great for a city break and has a lot of top restaurants by the lake.


Juan: So what are you doing at the fair?


Christopher: We’re always looking for new trends and ideas in clothing, apparel and shoes to bring to Germany.


Juan: That’s interesting. The shoes you liked are designed by our company MuroExe. We design footwear that fuses sport technology with minimalist design to give the comfort of sneakers with a cool minimalistic design. 


Juan: Let me give you you my card. When you come to the MuroExe stall just ask for me.  If I’m not there tell them Juan sent you and we will also give you a 25% discount on your first pair of MuroExe shoes.

Nice to meet you again Christopher and have a great day!  


Christopher: Thanks Juan, I will do. Nice to meet you and have a good day too!


Technique summary:

  1. Early in the conversation, find a way to mention where you’re from. This guides the conversation towards step #2
  2. Mention that your shoes (product) and you both come from Spain. Link your product/brand to another top product/brand from Spain.
  3. In 1 or 2 sentences, mention what your business activity is, and what makes it special or unique.
  4. If the other person asks for more details about your business, offer your business card or write your website down for them. “Let me give you my card” is a key phrase here.
  5. And if you can, offer them an incentive to contact you. This isn’t necessary, but it’s a nice gesture, and gives them a reason to contact you sooner rather than later.


This is a good example of small talk and pitching in a natural, friendly and casual way. It isn’t pushy and is a easy way to help others learn about the great things your business can offer them!

I hope it helps you in your professional career, Christopher!



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This post was written by Christopher Wright and published on 27th February 2019 under the categories: Sales in English tips
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