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Stop getting Blocked – How To Introduce Yourself In English In 1 Minute At Events

Stop Getting Blocked – How To Introduce Yourself In English In 1 Minute At Events

How to introduce yourself in English at events is hard. And even more so in less than one minute! Networking is hard in another language, I used to find it really hard in Spanish! But practising and recording my “1 minute speech” gave me confidence at events.

Most people find it hard to introduce themselves and their company in English at events and trade fairs. Most people talk and talk without focusing on what their audience really wants to know about them.

Selecting what information is interesting and relevant to the other person can be a challenge.

Here is a communication technique I found which helps a lot – ‘the 1 minute script’. It´s concise and impacting with 5 simple steps:

1.  “We work with….”

2.  “Who have a problem with…”

3.  “What we do is…”

4.  “So that…”

5.  “Which means…”


We work with: Be specific about your target market (Type of business, location etc)

Who have a problem with: Focus on what hurts for them, their main problem that gives them headaches. People pay attention and respond more to negatives.

What we do is: Explain how your product/service solves their problem. Be clear, simple and concise and write one sentence of 15 words or less.

So that: Explain the function the client that the customer receives. For example, Blackberry enables you to instantly receive and send emails from anywhere in the world.

Which means: List the top 2-3 benefits.

I hope this helps in your job and professional career, Christopher!


Example 1: Here is the ‘1 minute introduction in English’ for The English Training Company.

“We work with busy managers and professionals that need to work more and more in English. Who have a problem with speaking, meeting and presenting in English with confidence and effectiveness with international customers and suppliers. What we do is we use our 15-20 years experience as managers and professionals to design Business English classes and skills intensives that offer real business practice and instant 360 feedback with experts.  So that your professionals get a lot of real business practice without making expensive mistakes. Which means that your company can feel confident of achieving both its international and domestic sales targets by having the confidence to work with any international clients and suppliers”.


Example 2: Listen to and read an example from Persei vivarium, one of our clients.


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This post was written by Christopher Wright and published on 10th February 2018 under the categories: Meeting In English Tips, Presenting In English Tips
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