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How To Give Good Online Presentations in English

How To Give Good Online Presentations in English.

Business English. How To Give Good Online Presentations in English.

We are all doing more and more online meetings and a lot more in English.

For many professionals we help in our training online meetings in English are a mix of bad, boring, tiring, ok and good. So how do we get to ‘good’?

Most professionals have improved their online meetings and presentations in English in the past year, but people are still missing key points to get to ‘good’ or just settle for ‘ok’.


How To Give Good Online Presentations in English

In today’s post and short video lesson (3 minutes) I want to help you quickly look at how to give good online presentations in English.

?? Here are top tips from our training to help you:

✅ camera (turn it on, lighting in front of you and good background or choose a good virtual background)

(e.g. Try these tips I used from How to use virtual backgrounds in Microsoft Teams)

✅ eye contact and looking (look at the camera, make sure the camera is at head height and level with your forehead)

✅ warm-up before (warm-up your voice in English and speak 10-15 mins before so you start the meeting feeling comfortable in English)

✅ interact (ask questions, highlight one key point per slide, check and clarify so all the audience are following you. The people who are lost will also be able to reconnect to where you are in your presentation)

✅ content (for online meetings we have less attention so it’s important you filter and prioritise content to make it easier for your audience)

✅ use notes (either use notes offline in a notebook or online but make sure only you can see them. There’s nothing worse for your professional image than doing )

✅ be confident – the audience wants to listen to your knowledge and expertise

✅ use your voice (volume, speed, pauses, intonation, enthusiasm).


I hope this helps you with your professional English and professional career, Christopher 🙂 !


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This post was written by Christopher Wright and published on 18th March 2021 under the categories: Meeting In English Tips, Presenting In English Tips
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