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How To Change The Chip To Write Good Emails In English – Part II

How To Change The Chip To Write Good Emails In English – Part II

Quick and easy English tips for professionals.

Change the chip and write good emails in English with confidence. Here are my top tips to help you.

  • Use “If … then” statements – save time for both parties and try to anticipate possible responses. For example,

“Have you received a reply from Ms. Wang in the Singapore Office? If so, please send your monthly report by the March 28 and email it to me. If not, can you follow up today and let me know her reply?”

  • Check for ambiguity– check and search your email for ambiguous messages or points, then clarify these messages or points.
  • Lean emails– check and search your email so you can shorten sentences and paragraphs. Your emails should only contain the essential message or points you want to communicate.
  • Work local, think global – Remember what might work for the local market could be misunderstood globally. Check and review your emails for industry jargon, company acronyms, local expressions and direct translations from Spanish to English that make no sense (e.g. “De perdidos al río / From lost to the river” and “tener mano izquierda / Have a left hand” ).  One way is to check using ‘google search‘ or ‘linguee‘ to see if the expression is used regularly in English.
  • Personal brand / be smart and sophisticated –your written and spoken communication is all part of your personal brand. So when you write in English try to remember using words that make the right professional impact – smart and sophisticated. A quick way to do this is by keeping copies of your favourite emails in English, in which you think the writer sounds smart and sophisticated.


I hope this helps you in your job and your professional career, Christopher!

Christopher Wright – Co Director

The English Training Company – Speak, meet and present in English with confidence! 


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