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How to be a top listener in meetings in English

My Top Tips: How to be a top listener in meetings in English

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak” – Epictetus (Greek Philosopher) 

Improve meetings in English with these quick tips. In meetings in English being a good listener is a key skill.

However lots of professionals get stressed and blocked when they don’t understand a word or they lose the conversation by listening to respond and not actually listening first to understand.

?? Here are 5 tips to be a top listener in meetings in English from our training to help you:

✅ Check and clarify
Don’t be afraid to ask questions to check and clarify. It shows interest as well as checking understanding.

✅ Be present in the moment and listen to the message.  
Be present in the moment and really listen. Don’t worry about how to respond until it’s your turn to speak.

✅ Be ok with not understanding every single word.
It’s ok not to understand every single word. Focus on understanding the key messages and the context of what is being said. Use verbal and non verbal communication to help you.

✅ Summarise what people say
When the other person speaking has finished talking, summarise your understanding of their key ideas and message and allow the other person to correct you if needed.

✅ Pause, take a breath and reflect
Pause and take a breath before responding, it makes you look like you’re taking your time to reflect and consider in more depth someone else’s opinion.

I hope it helps you in your professional career ?!

Thanks, Christopher!



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