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Become A Comfortable Presenter In English

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“Are you a comfortable presenter in English or a grammar obsessed presenter in English?”

“What is your audience more interested in, your English grammar or understanding your key message?”

In our Business English workshops we ask these two powerful questions. And guess what? They really help professionals to focus on the only goal that matters, “communicate so your audience understands your message”.


Become A Comfortable Presenter In English – 5 Quick Techniques.


1. Focus on communicating in English instead of obsessing about not making mistakes    

We’ve trained many professionals and what makes people better presenters in English is when they change their mindset to ‘focus on communicating in English instead of obsessing about not making mistakes’. 

This simple change in mindset helps people to relax, feel more comfortable and build their confidence in English.


2. Avoid harmful comparisons

Be you, be authentic and be credible.  Stop comparing yourself to other presenters or speakers, especially native English speakers. Your audience has come to hear your key messages, insights, solutions and know-how and not hear you try to pass an English exam or pretend to be someone else. Plus your audience will usually have some non native English speakers who will empathise with you if you make some mistakes.


3. What Are The Real Needs Of The Audience?  

Think really hard about who your audience is and what they need from you. Focus and prioritise as the audience only needs to understand your message and implement your key recommendations – everything else is irrelevant.

And make it easy for the audience by breaking things down into manageable sizes then can understand.

And finally structure your thoughts by highlighting the key points you want your audience to hear.


4. Every House Needs A Framework (i.e. a presentation structure)

After completing points 1) and 2) mind, you can begin to build your ‘house framework’ (presentation structure) of your presentation.  Keep it simple and often you can save time by tweaking (small changes) and adapting existing presentation structures you have from past presentations.


5. Use Plain English

Use plain English and keep it simple.  Remove all unnecessary jargon, buzzwords and colloquialisms that don’t help communicate simply. Keep your sentences and grammar simple. Be clear and concise and use the English you have and don’t overcomplicate things.


6. The more your practice, the more comfortable you become

You can read books and articles on the art of presenting and public speaking, but nothing beats practice and asking for feedback.  The more presentations you give, the more practice you get, the more comfortable and relaxed you will feel.  And with that you will also build your confidence.

And when you’re more comfortable (and relaxed), your audience responds positively to that.




I hope this helps you with your professional English and in your professional career, Christopher!

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This post was written by Christopher Wright and published on 16th July 2019 under the categories: Fluency, Confidence and Motivation, Presenting In English Tips
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