9 Common Communication Mistakes in English. Which ones do you make?

9 Common Communication Mistakes in English

9 common communication mistakes in English. Every language is different and English is no different. Here are 9 common communication mistakes in English we’ve identified from our Business English training.

Which ones do you make? Read below or watch our video explanation above.

My Top Tips: 9 Common Communication Mistakes in English

1)     “In order to implement” vs “to implement” (e.g  use “to” as “in order to’ is legalese (legal English) it over complicates things and slows down the flow of good communication)
2)     “Benefits vs profits” (e.g. advantages vs benefits, profits vs losses, losses vs loses)
3)     ¿Qué? What? – “what?” by itself can be interpreted as impolite and rude (e.g. “Sorry I didn’t catch that?”, “Can you repeat that again, please?)
4)     Explain me vs Can you explain it to me, please? (the second one is both correct and more polite)
5)     I am agree vs I agree (e.g. n the negative, “I’m not agree vs I don’t agree”)
6)     Uncountable nouns – advice and news (e.g “Can you give me some advice?”, “I have some news”)
7)     Story vs history (e.g. “Can you tell me a story about…?” While history studies the Romans and Greeks for example)
8)     Speaking fast vs effective communication (e.g. speaking fast isn’t effective communication, speak at 130-150 words per minute and use pauses for your key messages so your audience can easily follow your speech) 
9)     Change the chip into English – use CSC Communication in English instead of translating directly from own language into English (e.g. CSC Communication is clear, simple and concise communication)
These are common communication mistakes, but what about common grammar mistakes. Here are 50 common grammar mistakes from the popular engVid website.


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