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5 Simple Tips For Better Online Meetings In English

5 Simple Tips For Better Online Meetings In English

I’m sure you have all heard of “Zoom fatigue“. Online meetings in English can be hard and tiring. So, what makes online meetings in English more difficult?

Here are some comments we get in our training, when we ask this question about online meetings in English.

“It’s difficult to maintain concentration and be ready for my interventions in English”.

“Some people speak too quickly and they are not clear”.

“I can’t understand everything”.

“I’m nervous and I get blocked in English”. 


Better Online Meetings In English

Now when we ask professionals these two questions below, people start thinking about other communication factors beyond their  English.

“How important do you think voice is in online meetings in English?” “And do you think voice is more or less important than body language in online meetings in English?” 

According to Slack’s research (Slack is a popular suite of online tools for remote teams) “38% of communication is tone of voice”.

That’s why in our Business English training we also give importance to using and practising communication skills as well.


Better Online Meetings In English

?? Here are 5 simple voice techniques from our training to help you:

✅ project your voice (practice projecting and articulating your voice to help your audience understand)
✅ use filler words to show active listening (e.g. um, ahh, ok, I see what you mean)
✅ use moments of silence (use pauses of 1- 2 seconds after main ideas so your audience knows those ideas are the important ones)
✅ slow down or pause after main ideas (not everyone has the same level of English and by slowing down you give your audience time to catch up and digest ideas)
✅ test that your microphone is at the right distance from your mouth (not so close that it picks up all your breathing and not so far away that the audience thinks you’re far away)


Learn more in our popular post about how to use voice techniques to improve your English communication


I hope this helps your Business English and your professional career, Christopher!


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This post was written by Christopher Wright and published on 28th May 2021 under the categories: Meeting In English Tips, Speaking In English Tips
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