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Warm up your English for important meetings in English


Meetings in English. Warm up your English for important meetings.  

Meetings in English – Why is it so important to warm-up your English?

Changing the chip to speak in English isn’t instantaneously ?

Just like running or doing sport if you want to do well and perform well you need to warm up. So warm up your English before doing an important meeting.
?? So what do you do to warm up your English?

Here is a simple example from our ‘Speaking English Habits Plan’ for professionals (see image above).

✅ Warm-up your English – practice speaking English out loud for 3-5 minutes about a hobby/activity/something you really enjoy and do it 15 minutes before your meeting.

You’re ‘state’ (energy levels) will be higher, you’ll feel more relaxed in English and ready to speak better in English.

I hope it helps you get unblocked in English ?.


? Unblock speaking confidence in English faster in your company, practice online simulations.

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? Desbloquea la confianza en inglés más rápido dentro de tu empresa con la práctica de simulaciones online.

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