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Next step training - improve the English and business performance of your professionals at the same time.
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Stress Management techniques included in all courses

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1) Interactive English Classes

A dynamic interactive English course that mixes English classes with skills-based training, coaching and stress management to empower people to perform professionally in English.

Course duration: 9-10 months

E.g. Option 1 – Interactive English Classes (8 months) + High Pressure English (1 month) + Presentations (1 month)

E.g. Option 2 – Interactive English Classes (6 months) + Sales Techniques (1 month) +  High Pressure English (1 month) + Conference Calls (1 month) + Presentations (1 month)


Add-On Skills Courses

Specialisation – add-on up to 4 ‘Skills’ courses to your course of Interactive English Classes. See the above examples of options 1 and 2.

HP English (High Pressure English)

For those companies who demand only the best from their employees.

Students are put under time pressure to produce effective results in demanding work situations. E.g. explaining unmet sales targets, pitching to clients, presenting to senior managers, resolving technical problems with tight deadlines etc.

Course duration: 1 month (12 hours).

Negotiations & Sales Techniques

For companies who want to give their employees the edge when dealing with challenging negotiations and/or sales calls.

Course will include: pitching, creating a need, open and closed questioning, closing, maintaining client relationships.

Course duration: 1 month (12 hours).


For companies who want to empower their employees to deliver professional and polished presentations.

Course will include: capturing and creating empathy, opening and closing styles, storytelling, non-verbal communication, delivery techniques.

Course duration: 1 month (12 hours).

Conference & Telephone Calls

For companies who want to empower their employees to understand, participate and manage conference and telephone calls in English.

Course will include: projecting your voice (vocal variety), maintaining caller interest, summing up, asking for feedback, clarifying questions, effective note taking, stress management, presentation techniques.

Course duration: 1 month (12 hours).


2) Masterclass (In-company)

We organize dynamic ‘masterclasses’ in-company for professionals to practice both their English and communication skills. Professionals receive 360º feedback on their level/progress and performance in English.


 I) Masterclass: TED Talks English Debate

‘TED Talks English Debate’ is a new English event to practice both English and debating skills in two teams (“for” and “against”) in a friendly and supportive environment to help you grow.

We use the most popular TED Talks (videos) to create interesting and challenging debating topics for the two teams. Professionals receive 360º feedback on their English and performance.


English levels: B1 to B2/C1. Small groups of 4 to 6 people. Time: 90-120 minutes.  See masterclass example.


II) Masterclass: How to prepare a TED Talk in English

‘How to prepare a TED Talk in English’ is a new English event to help you prepare a TED Talk and practice your   English in a dynamic, friendly and highly supportive environment.


English levels: B1 to B2/C1. Small groups of 4 to 6 people. Time: 90-120 minutes. See masterclass example.




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Our Company

Why we do what we do

“We believe people and companies in Spain have the potential to do (so) much more in English (English + Skills)”. 

We are driven by our desire to inspire, create and give new meaning to what it is to communicate well.

At The English Training Company we design material and programs to meet the specific desires of our client.  Through (human) connection and collaboration we seek to bring the best possible results to your company.

Our mission is to guide Spanish professionals to communicative competence and help them strive towards excellence on an increasingly challenging world stage.

The English Training Company – Connect, Collaborate, Communicate.


Who we are

We are a dynamic, English and skills-based training company for businesses and professionals. We include training in stress management and anxiety control which are necessary to perform well in English (effective and confident).

Coaching methodology is integrated into all of our courses which gives students the tools to take responsibility for their own development and greatly enhances the learning experience.

Why choose The English Training Company

Next step English training – We evaluate both professionals’ level/progress and work performance in English (+ Skills)

  1. Real & Measurable Results – we evaluate both professionals’ level and performance in English (360º feedback and ‘3 month progress reports’).
  2. Dynamic Trainers That Know How To Motivate – our English trainers are dynamic, certified English teachers and who also receive in house training in communication skills and soft skills.
  3. Unique Methodology ‘Dynamic English + Skills’ – a dynamic, enjoyable and highly effective way of learning (English + communication skills & soft skills + 360º feedback) which empowers people to perform professionally in English. *we design our own training materials and have an extensive training library.
  4. We manage the ‘bonificación tripartita’ (training credits) for our clients –  we apply for and manage the training credits of the FUNDAE / Fundación Tripartita for our clients (las bonificaciones de la FUNDAE / Fundación Tripartita).



Steve Law - Co-director and Senior Trainer

Steve has been an independent English trainer and Personal Coach for the past 7 years in Madrid. He set up his own teaching business in 2013 and has won contracts with Iberdrola and CRUE (Conferencia de Rectores de las Universidades Españolas) plus worked with numerous professionals, department heads and managers from companies including: PwC, Santander Bank, Turner Broadcasting, KPMG, Deloitte, Armani, Bing of Microsoft, ESA (European Space Agency) and BNP Paribas.

Previous to Madrid, Steve was a Head Coach and performance specialist in the tennis industry, training and assisting performance junior players to reach their potential - players ranged from county level to world ranked. He has run businesses in Australia, the UK and Spain as well as having a small business venture in the USA. He also has a bachelors degree in Mathematics and has professional tennis qualifications. His diverse portfolio of experience from around the world brings an ever-changing and energetic feel to his training and methodology. Take a look at the Testimonials section for further insight into Steve’s approach.

Christopher Wright - Co-director and Senior Trainer

Christopher has over 13 years of training and coaching experience. In Spain, Christopher has had clients with Airbus, Técnicas Reunidas, McKinsey, Buy VIP/Amazon and Google Campus TechHub plus a lot of SMEs (small and medium sized companies). He specializes in Business English, management and communication skills as well as cross-cultural skills. He has a Masters (M.Sc) in industrial strategy and innovation from Manchester Business School and an Economics degree from The University of Manchester, UK.

Christopher was a product manager for a General Electric subsidiary in the US, and a marketing and business development consultant for SMEs in London, UK. He also founded and was a director at SANZA Engineers, an international recruitment company for Engineers and Project Managers in London. He started and was president of 'Toastmasters International' in Madrid (a public speaking organization in 122 countries) and is an advanced public speaker having given over 100 presentations in both English and Spanish. Take a look at the Testimonials section for further insight into Christopher’s approach.

Clients & Testimonials

Productive, adaptable and enjoyable

We are a technical department, in the energy business, based in Spain that some years ago started working with colleagues in the UK. We have to do work onsite, write reports in English and have both face to face and on the phone meetings.
Steve has been working with us since October 2012, helping us to develop our oral, writing and listening capabilities, as well as helping us in dealing with some cultural differences with our UK colleagues.
He is able to adapt his teaching abilities to the class he is working with at any moment. He has been able to focus classes to our needs in engineering and has an open attitude making classes productive and enjoyable.
If you want to improve your English from any angle in a professional and pleasant way, he is your man.
Ignacio Real Rubio,
Iberdrola Head of Structural Integrity Deparment

Bien preparadas, entretenidas y útiles

Steve es un gran profesor, ameno y metódico en sus clases, y siempre dispuesto a profundizar sobre los temas de interés de sus alumnos y alumnas. Sus clases se basan en lecturas y comentarios de temas de actualidad con enfoques poco habituales, que obligan a pensar, a desarrollar un discurso propio en inglés y a defenderlo en clase. Son sesiones muy entretenidas, y a la vez muy preparadas. Este método a mí me resulta muy útil tanto para refrescar términos como para perfeccionar la conversación en ámbitos especializados.
Nuria Castejon
Secretaria Técnica del Observatorio de Cooperación Universitaria al Desarrollo
Crue Universidades Españolas

Dinámicas y amenas

He recibido clases de inglés durante muchos años, y no siempre han sido buenas o productivas. Con Steve las clases son dinámicas y amenas a la vez que productivas y enriquecedoras. ¡Aprendes inglés sin darte cuenta! Lo que más me gusta es que Steve prepara fenomenal las clases, haciéndolas totalmente personalizadas. Cubre las necesidades de cada alumno en todo momento. Para mí Steve es un profesor TOTALMENTE RECOMENDABLE, infunde una ABSOLUTA CONFIANZA y tiene una GRAN PROFESIONALIDAD
María Nieto
Técnico en Actividades de Crue Universidades Españolas

Gran profesor

Empecé el curso con Steve en Marzo y reconozco que es el mejor profesor de Ingles que he tenido. Clases muy amenas donde aprendes muchísimo vocabulario y ganas confianza en ti mismo para soltarte a hablar de cualquier tema. Muy buenas las clases de exposiciones y de debate. Gran profesor.
Rafael Castro, Banco de Santander

Profesionalidad intachable

Mi experiencia con Steve fue muy positiva. Disponía de tan solo dos semanas para preparar una entrevista en un Hospital de Londres y desde el minuto 1, respondió a mis expectativas. Te da exactamente lo que necesitas con una profesionalidad intachable. Mi nivel de inglés no era muy alto pero él supo sacar de mi lo mejor para tener éxito. Así fue y ahora escribo desde Londres. Un placer, repetiría sin dudarlo ni un segundo.
Antonio Fuentes, NHS (Reino Unido) Partera

Excelente profesor

Steve es un excelente profesor de inglés. Dedica interés y tiempo en preparar sus clases, que son siempre amenas. Además, por mi trabajo tengo que hacer presentaciones orales de carácter técnico, y Steve me ha dado consejos muy efectivos para mejorarlas y conseguir mantener la atención del oyente.
Marta García, Funcionario, Head of CSN unit

Gran profesor

Método de estudio ameno y muy interactivo, alumnos-profesor que te permite ir ganando confianza y soltura en la conversación. Clases muy interesantes hablando temas de actualidad. Un gran profesor!
Agur Lekanda, Armani Trade Marketing Manager

Dinámico y entusiasta

Las clases con Steve son muy amenas, didácticas y poco a poco generan confianza en tu capacidad de entender y expresarte en inglés. Prepara a conciencia la clase de cada día y no improvisa siendo la clase flexible ya que siempre se tocan temas de actualidad y temas de interés del alumno. También te motiva para poco a poco vayas construyendo frases cada vez más complejas. Se preocupa por ir introduciendo expresiones nuevas, vocabulario y lenguaje actual. Dinámico y entusiasta.
Iván Romero, Arquitecto (autónomo)

Muy satisfactorio

Steve es un profesor nativo con una buena preparación como profesor de inglés. Prepara muy bien las clases, las hace dinámicas e incluye tanto ejercicios de speaking y listening, como de vocabulario específico en Business y algo de gramática. A parte de loanterior, es un tipo amable y de trato fácil, las clases no se hacen pesadas a pesar de ser el viernes por la tarde-noche. RESULTADO FINAL: MUY SATISFACTORIO!!
Gonzalo Labordo, KPMG Auditor

Quick progress focused on personal goals

I’d like to say ‘thanks’ to Chris because his training was the most helpful step for me in learning English.
In the first class, we formulated clear goals with KPIs as to what I expected to see improve after the course. It seemed for me strange the question about how I see my level now. But after the first session, I’ve felt more freedom and confidence, using English.
Each lesson gave me very simple and useful advice how I can be smart and sophisticated in writing English right now. After the 2 month course, I realized that we accomplished all our goals that we set at the beginning. Now I feel comfortable working in the English-speaking environment. Chris is the best person for anyone who is looking for opportunities in an international environment, but feel uncomfortable with English, who would like to make quick progress, with never boring lessons focused on personal goals.
Elena Zemlyanskaya,
Business Development Executive
Global Corporate Venturing

Objetivos cumplidos

Ha sido un descubrimiento trabajar con Christopher. Realmente el tiempo y los recursos que se invierten retornan con los objetivos cumplidos.
Damian Rios, Asendia Spain Country Manager

Success in Silicon Valley

I strongly recommend Christopher's work with entrepreneurs helping them prepare their elevator pitch to be successful in Silicon Valley.
Jose Luis Moreno,
Board Advisory Services EY Director.
BoD Madrid Inland Revenue Office.

Una experiencia muy positiva

Mi experiencia con Christopher como formador en English Business Presentations ha sido muy positiva. Su enfoque se basa en la practicidad y profesionalidad; consiguiendo con ello que mejores en la comunicación y saques más provecho ante situaciones de negociación en inglés con personas de otros países y culturas en nuestro día a día.
Su conocimiento sobre otras culturas ayuda a enfocar mejor estas situaciones, obteniendo pautas diferentes en función de si el interlocutor es de origen asiático, americano, europeo, etc.
Javier Pinero Rojo,
Financial Analyst and Controlling

He exceeded all my expectations

Christopher is a great professional in his field. I have known him since the moment I was looking for a talented business trainer who could help me improve my communication skills in English. He got the best recommendations and, with the time, he exceeded all my expectations. Christopher has a great talent to bring out the best abilities of his clients and his methodology is very effective and enjoyable. Moreover, Christopher has a charming personality and a very interesting multi-cultural background which reinforces his outstanding training abilities. I personally recommend Christopher as a great trainer and as a very good professional.
Miguel García
Director ejecutivo